Frequently Asked Questions

What is Advid?2019-07-01T11:47:39-04:00

Advid is a technology platform that creates unlimited dynamic pre-roll videos for every make and model. All videos are automatically uploaded into YouTube nightly, providing a scalable and cost-effective solution for video advertising.

Who uses Advid?2019-07-01T11:48:05-04:00

Advid can be utilized by both OEM’s, associations, dealers, and their agencies.

How frequently are Advid videos updated?2019-07-01T11:48:30-04:00

Advid videos are updated as soon as variable content changes. For example, inventory, incentives, pricing, compliance, or creative changes will all initiate a new video.

How do Advid videos perform vs. regular pre-roll videos?2019-07-01T11:49:42-04:00

According to Google, the automotive industry’s average cost-per-view is $0.12. Advid’s is $0.05, which is driven by the platform’s 36.57% view rate versus the industry’s 20% view rate.

Is there a limit on the number of videos Advid can create?2019-07-01T11:49:14-04:00

Advid has the ability to create an unlimited number of videos based on your specific needs.

Where is Advid hosted?2019-07-01T11:50:03-04:00

Advid videos are hosted in Google’s cloud platform.

How much does Advid cost?2019-07-01T11:50:25-04:00

The Advid platform costs $1,295/month plus your monthly ad spend.

Which model years are featured in Advid videos?2019-07-01T11:50:47-04:00

Advid always features the current model year for every new model.

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